Looking Good Every Day

A network of fabulous women who want to look like a million bucks... for considerably less!

You deserve to feel confident about your style every day, every season, at any age, dress size, lifestyle or budget. 

Let Me Show You How

Hi there, my name is Nancy Nix Rice. I'm a published author and professional image consultant.

I firmly believe that every woman can and should feel absolutely beautiful, regardless of her age, her lifestyle, her bank balance or the size tag in the back of her pants.

I’ve helped countless women transform their wardrobes and their lives for over 25 years.

Style isn't an inborn trait. It's a learned skill a mix of art and science that really determines how certain things look with other things. In this case that would be you and your wardrobe. I share the ability to see the beauty in you (that you might have a hard time seeing in yourself), while teaching you the art and science of personal style.  

I find most women get trapped in trying to hide whatever they think are their terrible flaws.

The truth is: when you dress in the things that showcase your assets, highlighting what is fabulous about you, those flaws (whether they're real or imagined) disappear into thin air.

This seasons "must-have that everybody should be wearing list" doesn't take into consideration you, your lifestyle, your unique qualities and personal style. That's exactly what we focus on together - creating wardrobes that are specific YOUR looks and YOUR lifestyle.

When you make style choices based on your looks & lifestyle, suddenly -everything seems to work with everything and you have great outfits for every occasion that crops up in your lifestyle - and best of all, you look & feel AMAZING.

Looking Good Every Day Launches in March

If you'd like to join the private community where I am regularly sharing my insights and guidance for women who look & feel like a million bucks (for much cheaper!), I'd love to have you.